We offer several options for your senior experience. Choose one session style, or choose them all! We want you to be able to customize your experience with us. We run specials throughout the summer. Click HERE to be added to our mailing list to get the latest updates and sale information.

In Studio $59   Outdoor $59

For a professional look, with the best lighting, the In Studio session is a must. We have a black & white Hollywood room for a dramatic look. Our large camera room has a huge variety of backgrounds, props and furniture to make your look unique. Almost everyone chooses this session, along with two or three others.


Country Gallery has Central Minnesota’s largest private portrait park. We have 10 beautifully landscaped acres with more cool props every year. It includes old cars, trucks, swings, hammocks, chicken coop, and a 101 year old caboose. We are adding something exciting this year, but it’s still a secret. You’ll just have to come and check it out.

Water Park $59   My Stuff $59

We have our own private waterfall and pond. These areas are best in the summer and early fall. There are 4 waterfalls that flow into the pond. One has an eleven foot drop! This is a must have if you want something unique and different. Be prepared, you may get wet! We supply the towels.


Whats your thing? Sports, music, cars, trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, pets, hunting or fishing? We have seen it all, including snakes, horses, chickens, sheep, birds cows, cats, and even a hairless rat. Be creative. We want your senior portraits to reflect who you are!

Friend Session $29 or FREE with 2 or more senior sessions booked. Do you have an amazing group of friends? How about your BFF since Kindergarten? Now is the time to have a professional portrait created just for you. We recommend this session to be combined with your senior session.

Family Session Now is the time for a family portrait! All of our seniors earn a complimentary Family Session that can include Mom, Dad or just the siblings. This is a great opportunity for you to have a beautiful portrait done before graduation and life starts changing. We recommend this session be separate from your senior session time.